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Organism: Aggregatibacter aphrophilus NJ8700

Methods that isolate translational efficiency bias

A Genetic Optimization Approach for Isolating Translational Efficiency Bias  [Raiford et al.]

Modified Self-Consistent Codon Index (mSCCI)  [Raiford et al.]

Frequency of Preferred Codons (FOP) [Ikemura]

Codon Adaptation Index (CAI) [ Sharp & Li]

Transfer RNA Adaptation Index (tAI) [dos Reis et al.]

Measure Independent of Length and Composition(MILC) Expression Level Predictor (MELP) [Supek and Vlahoviček]

Methods that isolate dominant bias

Major Codon Usage (MCU) [Kanaya et al.]

Self-Consistent Codon Index (SCCI) [Carbone et al.]

Methods that strictly measure level of bias

Effective Number of Codons (Nc) [Wright]

Scaled Chi Squared (Χ2) [Shields et al.]

Non-bias detection data

tRNA Gene Data [Lowe & Eddy]